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    1. One-Wheel BarrowThe YICHUN one-wheel barrow can be used to transport and transfer goods. Some types of one-wheel barrow are very compact and easy to store and are ideal for using in gardens. Other types of heavy one-wheel barrow are designed for the construction industry. Because of their bigger load capacity they can ...
    1. Double-Wheel BarrowThe YICHUN double-wheel barrow is used to transport and transfer goods. It is ideal for use in construction industry as well as in gardens ...


We are a professional wheel barrow manufacturer in China. We welcome you to visit us, and if you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. The minimum order quantity should be more one 20' feet container.

Features of Wheelbarrow
1. Convenient transport and loading.
2. Two types of wheelbarrow. One is used in gardens, the other construction industry. They come in different sizes, shapes, loads and wheels.
3. Two types of wheelbarrow – one wheel and double wheel. The one-wheel barrow is more flexible, while double-wheel barrow features its stability and has a bigger load capacity.

The YICHUN wheelbarrow features compact size and is easy to use. For these reasons, YICHUN products are widely exported to German, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, etc. Our wheelbarrows can be used in gardens, farms and the construction industry.

The Explanation of Parameters

Load: the maximum weight that a wheelbarrow can normally afford without affecting the life.
Weight: the total weight of all parts of the trolley.
Water capacity: the volume of water that a bucket can load, unit: L.
Sand capacity: the volume of sand that a bucket can load, unit: Ft3.
Wheel: The dimensions of the wheel is as shown in the above figures. For example of a 16" X 4.00-8 wheel, 16" is the diameter of the wheel, 4.00 is A in the above figures, and 8 is the dimension of rim
Dimensions: The dimensions of the wheelbarrow and its bucket is as shown in the above figures

Every wheelbarrow has a maximum load capacity. When using a wheelbarrow, please do not exceed maximum load.

YICHUN Metal is a professional wheelbarrow manufacturer, located in China. Our main products include wheelbarrow parts, tools, etc. These products are manufactured in conformity with the standard of ISO, so our worldwide customers can feel secure in purchasing our products.
For more information on our products, please feel free to contact us via email or at the address listed on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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