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Wheelbarrow Tray

We are a professional wheel barrow manufacturer in China. We welcome you to visit us, and if you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. The minimum order quantity should be more one 20' feet container.

The wheelbarrow tray is an important component of the wheelbarrow. To satisfy our customers'needs, YICHUN provides wheelbarrow trays of different types, sizes and materials. We can produce wheelbarrow trays according to customers' special requirement when provided with their specifications.

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Wheelbarrow Tray
Plastic tray, size 895X642X298
Hot galvanized tray, size 825X585X225
Hot galvanized tray, size 803X610X205
Hot galvanized tray, size 805X610X220
Tray of WB8900
This is a plastic wheelbarrow tray. Its size is 945×545×260mm.
Tray of WB9800
This wheelbarrow tray is made of plastic and its size is 1110×685×420mm.
Tray of WB7608
This wheelbarrow tray is made using steel and its surface is powder coated. The size of the wheelbarrow tray is 840×550×230mm.
Tray of WB6414
This wheelbarrow tray is made of environmental friendly plastic materials. Its size is 1000×600×330mm.
Tray of WB9610
This is a plastic wheelbarrow tray, and its size is 1110×860×620mm.
Tray of WB6500
The wheelbarrow tray is made of steel and is powder coated. Its size is 820×665×250mm.
China Wheelbarrow Tray Manufacturer
Hot galvanized tray, size 813X674X253
TRAY OF WB6418-1
Hot galvanized tray, size 920X650X300
TRAY OF WB6418-8
Hot galvanized tray, size 980X635X335
Hot galvanized tray, size 860X600X280
Hot galvanized tray, size 946X612X325

Thank you for visiting our website. We are an ISO9000 certified wheelbarrow wheel manufacturer and supplier in China. Since our establishment, we have aimed to satisfy our global customers by providing a wide range of products, including one-wheel barrows, shelves, jockey wheels, etc.
If you have an interest in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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