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Hand Trolley

We are a professional wheel barrow manufacturer in China. We welcome you to visit us, and if you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. The minimum order quantity should be more one 20' feet container.

The hand trolley is used to transport large objects with regular shape. The baffle, toe plate and the shape of the trolley is different depending on the applications. The handle of the trolley is different in accordance with the customer's habit and transportation of goods.
The hand trolley is widely used in the field of construction, freight and household.

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PictureModelLoad (Kg)Weight (kg)WheelBody size L×W1×H (mm)Toe Plate Width (W2) (mm)
HT18052001010" X 3.5 "1310×550×460220
HT1805PM2001010" X 3.5 "1310×550×460220

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