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A wheelbarrow is a small hand-propelled vehicle, usually with just one wheel. The wheelbarrow is designed to be pushed and guided by a single person using the two handles at the rear.

The wheelbarrow is designed to distribute the weight of its load between the wheel and the operator to conveniently carry heavier and bulkier loads than would be possible were the weight carried entirely by the operator. Wheelbarrows are commonly used in the construction industry and in gardening. The typical capacity of a wheelbarrow is 170 liters (6 cubic feet) of material.

A two-wheel wheelbarrow is more stable on level ground, while the almost universal one-wheel type has better maneuverability in small spaces, on planks or when uneven ground would throw the load off balance. The use of one wheel also permits greater control of the load when emptying the contents.

Explanation of Wheelbarrow Parameters

Following is a parameter chart for one of our wheelbarrows.

ModelLoadOwn WeightWater CapacitySand CapacityWheelBody Size(L/H/C)Tray Size(A/B/h)

1. Load refers to the maximum loading capacity of the wheelbarrow under the precondition of having no effect on its service life.
2. Own weight or dead weight is the total weight of the product or its all components.
3. Water capacity refers to the maximum volume of water the tray or bucket can hold. (Unit: L)
4. Sand capacity is the maximum volume of sand the tray can hold. (Unit: Ft3)
5. Wheel

The above picture is offered to help explain the wheel’s model. Take model number 16” X 4.00-8 as an example. The number 16” is the diameter of wheel (unit: inch), and the number 4.00 refers to wheel thickness (showed as A on the right side picture). The number 8 stands for rim diameter (showed as A on the left side picture).

Explanation of Wheelbarrow Size

The chart above shows the body and tray dimensions of one-wheel or dual-wheel wheelbarrows. This chart explanation allows you to better understand the parameters of our products.

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