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Yichun Metal is a China based ISO9000 certified wheelbarrow and wheelbarrow parts manufacturer. A well-established quality management system ensures the reliable and superior quality of all our products. Our double-wheelbarrow, jockey wheel and other products are well received in numerous countries, including Russia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Britain, the United States, and Africa, to name a few.

We can manufacture products according to customers' requirements or samples. Product packing can also be customized. Our company is located in Qingdao, a port city in eastern China, where we have a superior transportation system that enables us to deliver orders quickly. Thanks for visiting! If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Visiting our factory
1. Workshop
1) Stamping workshop
The workshop is used to stamp brands on wheelbarrow trays, produce spokes, and bend and stamp some other wheelbarrow parts.

Bending machine is mainly used to bend the wheelbarrow handle and frame.

2) Oil- pressure Workshop
Tray molding, and wheelbarrow's side pressing and punching are all completed here.

3) Welding Workshop
The frame of the wheelbarrow is welded here.

4) Powder Coating Workshop
Powder coating for each wheelbarrow part is conducted here.

Derusting machine is mainly used to remove the rust on the metal surface and prepare the product for the powder coating.

5) Package Workshop
In this workshop, the products are packed and ready for delivery.

2. Office Building
The office of rear service and reception area for customers

3. New Office Building
The new office building is under construction. A larger sample chamber is build to exhibit more samples. Table tennis room is build to entertain our employees.

4. New Stereoscopic Warehouse
The products are stored in this warehouse before delivery.

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